Introducing Ken Thompson

This month we'd like to introduce Ken Thompson, who recently joined Stratos as a software engineer. With Stratos Technology Partners’ growth coinciding with a competitive job market, we’re really pleased to have someone with his experience and expertise.

Ken is a .NET developer and mostly works on windows desktop applications and web services. He also develops single page web applications using newer frameworks such as AngularJS.

“The main attraction to IT for me is that it is still changing at a rapid rate. If you are not continuously learning something new, then you are falling behind,” Ken says. He adds that “one of the great things about working in IT is that you get the chance to work alongside people in so many different business areas,” he says.

Ken’s experience is indeed varied. “I got my first job with the food retailer Sainsbury’s. I was with a group of other recruits who were hired on the basis of our problem-solving abilities. At the outset we were sent on training courses to learn the disciplines of developing software, which at the time was mainframe-based.

“Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work in retail, distribution, banking, insurance, government and even in a road repair consortium. My last role was as a team leader with IAG where we were replacing their aging insurance system.

"Coming to Stratos has been exciting. I've relished the variety in the tasks I've been given. Every week it's been different. I've enjoyed shifting back to programming again and picking up a new set of tools.

“Apart from the variety, I've taken a lot of pleasure in getting to know everyone else in the team.”

Outside work, Ken’s hobbies range from game development to toying with the Internet of Things. “I’m quite handy with a soldering iron, and my latest project has temperature sensors installed around the house that are constantly posting information to the cloud. The next step is to add a Power BI dashboard. I have absolutely no idea how to do that yet, but that’s the fun part.”

Ken and his wife moved to New Zealand from the UK eight years ago. "I grew up in Cumbria, a lovely part of England and ended up working in London for a large part of my career. But we always knew that we would be moving overseas at some point. When we arrived in New Zealand, we just loved it. The pace of life and the beautiful countryside made the decision to settle here very easy.”

They now have a lifestyle block where they run a few animals which keeps them “surprisingly busy.”

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