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Until March 2015, Stratos Technology Partners was known as Canterbury Business Solutions.

December 2015:

  • The City Mission Succeeds with SharePoint and Stratos
  • David's BBQ Christmas Turkey
  • Holiday Hours

November 2015:

  • Getting work done in the digital workplace
  • Introducing Peter Cummins
  • A look at Node.js – should we be on the bandwagon?

October 2015:

  • YHA Buys a New System and Gets a Trusted Partnership
  • Introducing Ken Thompson
  • Six improvements to Reporting Services in 2016
  • 2015 Software Summit Winners

September 2015:

  • Highlights from the Digital Workplace Conference
  • Single Page Applications make web apps quick
  • Introducing Ali Duncan
  • Canterbury Software Summit

August 2015:

  • 14 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy a Software Package
  • How to manage software development risk
  • SharePoint data migration

July 2015:

  • Stratos wins Inflammatory Bowel Disease project
  • Stratos on the Move
  • Introducing Greg Jackman
  • Power BI Makes It Easy
  • 5 Steps for successful document migration into SharePoint

June 2015:

  • electionz gets the vote
  • Charity IT pulls it off
  • Code Camp grows even bigger
  • SharePoint 2016 what do we know so far?
  • SharePoint Training: Winter Special

May 2015:

  • St Andrew's College engages with parents
  • When technology makes a difference
  • Stratos Gets Behind Charity IT Hackathon
  • Stratos Sponsors Code Camp 2015

April 2015:

  • A new name, a new day
  • Time for a shout out
  • Microsoft cloud down under
  • Rhodes & co get looked after

March 2015 Special Edition:

  • Canterbury Business Solutions is now Stratos Technology Partners

February 2015:

  • PGG Wrightson Seeds Gets Their Holy Grail
  • Windows 10 Revealed
  • Microsoft Server 2003: The End is Ahead
  • Who Rules Your Data in the Cloud?
  • March is going to be SPECIAL

December 2014:

  • Investment World Knows Who To Call
  • Your Organisation May Already Be In the Cloud But You Don’t Know It
  • How to Avoid Pain by Integrating MailChimp with your CRM
  • Merry Christmas

November 2014:

  • Pegasus Finds a Partner
  • How to Buy Microsoft Office: Analysing the Options
  • CIO to CEO: Career Advice From Rob Fyfe
  • Sutter and TEDx: Impacting Lives
  • CBS Gets Angular
  • Intranet Developers Lunch CHC
  • Christmas Office Hours

October 2014:

  • Matt Tester Comes on Board
  • Why Businesses are Going Mobile
  • How Smart Systems Built an App That Keeps Saving Them Money

September 2014:

  • Ryan Brinch Joins Up
  • Building Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Trends