Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Extensive experience

Stratos has extensive experience in drawing management information together from many diverse systems.  From creating Data Warehouses, to developing standard reports, Stratos is able to meet a range of business intelligence requirements.

Ability to integrate diverse systems

With our inhouse ability to develop business software and knowledge of business intelligence systems such as Tableaux, Stratos is able to create automated reported systems that can access data from diverse information systems to present management information tailored to your business' needs.

Wide industry knowledge

Our wide knowledge spans Manufacturing, Healthcare, Cultivar Research, Seed Production, Electoral Systems, Asset Management, Electrical Contracting and Public Sectors.  This gives Stratos an understanding of the kinds of management problems and performance indicators that you are likely to require.

With ever-changing customer preferences and nimble competitors, informed business decisions are key to maintaining competitiveness in a fast moving world.

Many businesses and companies are sitting on information that can be used to improve operations, craft new strategies or even to be monitized as another product in itself.

Business intelligence is about turning raw data into actionable information.

With techniques like data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting, information can come more quickly to hand, enabling businesses to be managed much more effectively than ever before.

For a majority of companies, reactive and 'after the fact" analyses are the primary means of analysis.  A reliance on spreadsheets, manual data manipulation and periodic reports can limit the ability to conduct proactive analysis.

Typically current business analysis involves using a lot of manual data manipulation, or relying on batch results generated daily, weekly, monthly or at the ends of the financial period; taking data and bringing it into separate databases and doing analysis.

Consequently a lot of time is spent moving data from databases to spreadsheets and back to something else and then analyzing.

Often systems that manage different parts of a company can be quite diverse.  The data is structured differently, the information might not be in synch and it could take work to develop a common business model, define all the requirements to bring all the data together.

As a result middleware and analytical tools like Tableau, Business Objects, Microstrategy and Cognos have emerged to speed things up.

Today many business are realizing that reactive, after the fact reporting is not all there is to management information.

Imagine if instead your information was more timely or even predictive, it could give you a better understanding of how you could manage, say,  inventory by better forecasting demand.

This is business intelligence and the way of the future.  A future that starts today.