Software Development

Software Development

Do you need help with software development? We provide a full range of services including business analysis, solution design, software architecture, software development and support. We can work with you to build a full solution or provide specialist expertise to assist your existing development team.

Our software development team has a diverse range of experience and expertise building solutions such as:

  • Client Portals integrated with backend distribution systems
  • Custom ERP systems for businesses with unique requirements
  • Advanced resource planning and scheduling systems
  • Clinical research databases
  • Custom “Software as a Service” applications for startup businesses
  • Tablet apps for field data collection
  • Integration between systems

The cloud allows us to deliver advanced solutions that take advantage of Microsoft Azure application and data platform. For our clients it means access to enterprise level functionality, world class security and ability to scale as needed at an affordable price point. It also allows integration with Office 365, SharePoint Online and Power BI.

For clients who prefer on-premises solutions due to data sovereignty, existing platform needs or other business reasons, we use Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and associated technologies.

We have extensive experience building web based applications using AngularJS in conjunction with the cloud or on-premises technologies above. These applications offer the performance of desktop applications, device independence and mobile friendly responsive user interfaces.

Why outsource your development to us?

We’ve asked our clients why they chose to outsource their development work to us. Here are some of the reasons we think stack up the best:

  • Software Development is a specialist skill that we only need for specific projects
  • We need to increase our capacity for a large project
  • We need someone that can help make multiple third-party systems talk to each other
  • We want to work with someone who has done this before
  • We want one phone number to call when we need to
  • Our team needed help getting started with new development tools
  • We wanted a development partner who had worked in our industry and understood the domain we work in.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a software project, talk to our team. We offer free advice from our many years of experience delivering software across a wide range of industries.

Read our client testimonials to find out more about the types of projects we deliver.