About Stratos Technology Partners

It all started around a kitchen table...

The Stratos Story

Stratos Technology Partners launched in 2011 with a small team working around David’s kitchen table. Initially working with a small group of Christchurch based clients, Stratos has grown to provide a full range of Software Development and SharePoint technology services to clients across New Zealand and Australia.

Our team has a range of expertise and experience you would expect to find in larger service providers, however we still use a personal touch when partnering with clients. Taking the time to understand our clients business is at the centre point of everything we do.

In 2017 Stratos was accepted into the Christchurch NZ High Growth Launch Programme and followed this up with the Amplifer Programme in 2018. This has been instrumental in developing our long term growth strategy and increasing the capabilities of our team.

In April 2021, we celebrated our 10th birthday with our team and clients, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. We have evolved and grown as a company while continuing to keep the same core values that we've had from the very beginning.

We are involved in many community IT groups including Canterbury Tech, Microsoft Communities and local user groups. Stratos are members of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Our Values

Our clients are a part of our team and are the driving force behind our values.

One team


Caring, hard working, grounded

Listen hard


A direct line to our builders

With You


Together we've got this

Tailored Fit


Designed and built for your needs

Environment and Social Impact

Ownership and Governance

Stratos Technology Partners Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company.

Our Directors are Steve Knutson, David Carter and Phil Johnson. 

Our People

We are a like-minded group of people, inspired and driven to provide the best solutions for all of our clients


David Carter


David has over 20 years of experience in the software development field working for a variety of companies locally and abroad. David and his team will help you to identify your business requirements and deliver a solution that will grow with your company. David's responsibilities include managing the software development process, liaising with clients and helping with the architecture of new products. He is also particularly partial to a nice glass of Oyster Stout after a long bike ride and any excuse to talk about software development.


Steve Knutson

Steve Knutson


Steve is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services encompassing SharePoint and Microsoft 365. He brings more than 30 years IT industry experience to clients’ projects. Steve leads our SharePoint and Microsoft 365 practice and has a keen interest in Intranets, Digital Workplaces, collaboration and document management technologies.


Phil Johnson


I have a ton of energy and enthusiasm for business, and I am really looking forward to doing "my bit" to help Stratos become the best we can. I am a keen biker (gravel and mountain) and a bit of a petrol head. I have slowly restored an old 1971 Porsche, because if I didn't it would now be a pile of rust. My daily drive is a Tesla Model 3, and I am an enthusiast of future tech and disruptive technology. I am also very entrepreneurial, being an early-stage angel investor and a follower of the markets (both traditional and crypto). I have had my fair share of success and failure over the years, with failure perhaps providing the greatest learnings.

Aaron Stratos-37

Aaron Venz

Software Developer - Full Stack

I have been writing software professionally for a little over a decade - 8 years of which have been in proptech, I joined Stratos in order to have an opportunity to expose myself to different industries within software development. In my spare time I exercise, both in a gym and playing ice hockey.




SharePoint & Power Platform Developer

I am interested in innovating and emerging technologies to increase usability and productivity. This resulted in a move from project / programme management to the SharePoint world. I enjoy identifying trouble areas and proactively implementing solutions, tools and processes to improve productivity and enjoyment in everyday work life for users. In my leisure time I enjoy travelling (from the wilderness at the weekends to around the world), watching sports, exercising and spending time with my partner and friends.


Blake Burgess

Software Developer

About 15 years ago I compiled my first program and found joy. My mission now is to develop and operate effective software systems for all kinds of local and global problems. Stratos provides an excellent home for this by giving me the chance to work with brilliant colleagues and customers alike. After work I look after a general gaming community of about 500 people and I keep track of future technologies. blake@stp.co.nz


Brad Bishop

Software Developer

Brad has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry with large and small companies in New Zealand and overseas. A keen technophile, he still enjoys discussing real business problems and finding simple, robust and human-centered tech solutions. He’s worked on a broad range of projects involving hardware, IoT, cloud platforms, systems architecture, full-stack web & native development, DevOps, automated testing and support. When not at a keyboard Brad enjoys reading ancient Greek history, listening to psychology & philosophy podcasts, exploring the long white cloud, cycling and the odd hike.


Bree Fick

Business Development Manager

With a positive energy and a drive to have impact, Bree connects and coaches people to ensure long term sustainability of client initiatives. As a human-centred designer, she has a knack for identifying underlying factors and shared symptoms, balanced with a contagious enthusiasm for future trends and tech. With a keen ability to connect with stakeholders, she raises sights and spirits to align on a shared and future focused vision.

Bree always has a side hustle. When she is not working on her own start-up, she spends her free time getting involved in the community. She is currently a part of the LinC project (Leaders in Community), The Ōtautahi Futures Collective, and is the Design Thinking coach for the Boma Education Fellows.


Chris Stratos-98

Chris Noel

Software Developer

I am a curious and enthusiastic software developer who has worked on a wide variety of applications during my 20 years in the industry. I really enjoy making software, and at Stratos I am surrounded and supported by similarly passionate creators who are equally keen to hone their craft. Outside of work my focus is split between raising some wonderful kids, making video games, and messing with electric guitars.



Craig Oliver

Software Developer

I believe an integral part of what we offer is to add value to business requirements, providing solutions and highlighting alternative approaches and pitfalls via collaboration. I like building things and solving problems. I live an active life, cycling to work and getting out for any run or game of touch I can. I’ve worked with everything from .Net Compact Framework to modern reactive frontend frameworks, Java and .Net.



Daniel Robinson

Software Developer

I began my path as a software developer in my teenage years by crafting games for the Commodore 64. Today, I'm passionate about delivering value to customers through software. I have a depth of experience mainly with Microsoft technologies spanning various industries in Christchurch and London. In my spare time I occasionally create solutions for myself using open-source software and Linux. I also like to fuel my creative side by playing the drums.



Dave Eaves

Software Developer

Dave brings decades of experience analysing, designing, developing, testing, provisioning, administering, and evolving software systems. His experience spans a broad range of domains as diverse as aviation and social services. He strives to produce elegant, reliable software systems that strike a balance between cutting-edge and proven technologies to deliver business value for the long term. He is a proponent of open source software. Outside of work Dave's interests include sport (more spectating than participating these days), cycling, DIY, and learning about topics that interest him.



Dawn McLean

Microsoft 365 Consultant

I enjoy working with Clients to get the best for them and their teams from using the Microsoft 365 platform. I bring my consulting expertise to understand what is required and to suggest pragmatic solutions. I am then able to apply my project managements skills to ensure successful delivery. It's a true passion of mine to work closely with my clients, helping them optimise their processes and enable them to effectively manage their information using Microsoft products. When not at work, you will find me enjoying my lifestyle block in the company of my dogs.



Denise Ruck

Quality Assurance Engineer

I started as a software developer in the late 90s and love writing code. I am passionate about quality, testing and building better processes. Finding bugs brings me joy! Implementing automation test frameworks brings all of these skills together into my dream job using Cypress as a automation tool for web products to perform E2E/Full stack, component and api tests. My IT experience spans many industries in Christchurch as well during my 14 years in London.


Stratos-28 (1)

Divya Raghavan

Microsoft 365 Specialist

I am passionate about helping businesses support their goals through collaboration and information management. SharePoint has been the highlight of my career and being such a flexible and extensible product, I’ve used it to build many business solutions and intranets. I have a Bachelor of Technology degree majoring in Information Technology. I enjoy working with the products in the M365 suite and the latest technologies to configure solutions that make a difference to the organizations I work with. I have an 18-month-old son and that’s enough said about what I do outside of work. Parenting is helping me rediscover myself and I am loving the process. Time permitting, I enjoy a good cup of coffee with friends and love watching movies.


Donald Stratos-82

Donald Fraser

Product Owner

I'm a certified Business Analyst with a wide array of technical skills that I’ve developed over twelve years of practical experience. I am highly approachable and pride myself on my ability to communicate technical concepts with ease and simplicity. Most recently my focus has been in the product space, leading initiatives to understand the process & systems, meeting with customers and leading large workshops to capture defined prioritized problems. All of this feeds a unified solution and development roadmap. I enjoy casting a vision for a future state that gets the team on board. Being a decision maker that influences stakeholders. Collaborating the team to reach an excellent outcome and speak for the customer.


Eoin Stratos-62

Eoin Raeside

Software Developer

Writing software to create tools that solve real world problems is something that I enjoy and take pride in. Working as a Full Stack developer at Stratos enables me to work with knowledgeable and collaborative teams to achieve this for our customers. I have recently moved to Christchurch from Dublin Ireland, which has given me the opportunity to explore more, and in my spare time you can find me tramping and biking around Canterbury. When I'm not outdoors I'm most likely building software for fun or playing guitar.


Ged Stratos-23

Ged Taurerewa

Systems Engineer

Ged is a 24-year veteran within the IT industry and also has had numerous years in the Outdoor Recreation industry. This presents Ged as a supportive, creative, guiding influence within his position with Stratos Technology Partners. Having spent the past 20 years focusing on supporting Legal Firms and system infrastructure services, to enable simplicity and security. Ged has an on-going interest in outdoor adventure pursuits which has him skiing and mountain biking whenever possible



Greg Jackman

Software Developer

I've been a software developer for over 20 years and I still enjoy it as much as on day one! I enjoy designing and building systems and user interfaces to solve problems and deliver value to our customers. Outside of work I love exploring New Zealand and getting out into the mountains with my wife and three young boys, or running the trails solo. At weekends we're usually out and about in North Canterbury hiking or biking somewhere. We also love to travel. It took a back seat for a while when the boys were young, but recent trips to Oman, Nicaragua and Myanmar have given us a big wanderlust again.


Greg Stratos-85

Greg Taylor

Product Owner

I'm a Product Owner with many years experience delivering IT solutions and projects. I love helping my clients envision solutions to their problems, to get the most out of their technology. I don't do this alone - this is a team sport, and most great things are achieved through collaboration. I love what I do. When not working you'll find me out planting fruit trees and growing veggies on my lifestyle block.



Howard Nicholls

Business Analyst

What do I do? All sorts of things, I can be hard to pigeonhole, but it's fair to say I don't write code (although 'back in the day' I did*). I work with people to help turn their business strategies into features and processes delivered via the system our team develops for them. So, a lot of strategic + detailed BA work. I am also involved in personal investment, both in startup/early growth and in stocks. Outside of Stratos, I am a volunteer crew with Sumner Lifeboat, unit of Coastguard New Zealand. I'm on call to respond to marine search & rescue incidents - anything from a surfer in trouble to a sinking boat miles offshore. I'm also on their Board helping with governance and big picture stuff. My main sports are mountain biking and tramping.



Irina Daly

Business Analyst

Working in the IT industry since early 2011 I have had multiple roles throughout my career, primarily as a Software Test Analyst, Project Manager and Business Analyst. Whilst I do love to learn new technologies the most enjoyable part of my role is learning about clients’ businesses and translating their goals into technical requirements. I have been lucky to explore a wide range of domains in the past decade from agrichemicals to social services, finance, tourism, construction, real estate, law, and aviation. I love my work (and projects) to be organised, clear and tidy! I also thoroughly enjoy showing people how software is made, in plain English without the technical jargon, because I believe everyone has a contribution to make and understanding the process is key. I moved from Russia to New Zealand in 2005 for my tertiary studies when I was 17 and have lived in Christchurch ever since. I studied a Bachelor of Business and Tourism (at Ara) before going through a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science at Canterbury University and finding my career in IT. My favourite people are my husband and 3-year-old Daughter Zoya. During daylight hours when not working I’m usually found gardening which consumes all my spare time and money.


James Gardner

Software Developer

I have a BSc in Philosophy and a Grad Dip in Computer Science from the University of NSW.  I like the current Angular / Typescript combo on the front end using VSCode and .Net/WebAPI/EntityFramework/MSSQL to handle the backend. Javascript isn't my favourite language so anything the formalises it and improves type safety is a good thing in my eyes. That being said, I'm comfortable working with the many older technologies and frameworks that we support, WebForms and AngularJS for example.

I like mountain biking and road cycling, and I commute to work by bike. Since moving to Christchurch from Sydney, surfing has become more of a holiday hobby. Mountain biking dominates in summer and in the winter skiing and snowboarding become the focus.



Jonathan Festing

Software Developer

With over 15 years software development experience and a positive attitude I enjoy tacking complex problems. Having worked on a variety of software stacks and technologies for different industries I always enjoy a new challenge and a new solution. It’s great seeing the results and happy clients!

I also love getting out in the great outdoors, tramping, walking and mountain biking.



Josh Lloyd

Software Developer

From the day I could hold a screwdriver I've been opening the hood on everything I could find to understand how it works, and then crafting something else in it's place. When I discovered software, I found a way to satisfy this need to understand and create without leaving a trail of disassembled electronics in my wake. I've been tinkering with code for 18 years. Working at Stratos allows me to encounter meaningful problems and, with my team, create meaningful solutions that our clients love. Out of the office I enjoy tramping outside or gaming inside with friends. Playing DnD in a fantasy world during the weekend resets my creativity for my work week.



Kaveshan Karunakaram

Software Developer

I recently arrived from South Africa and am enjoying life in NZ, I believe in a new dynamic and view to many solutions, I have worked in multiple industries over the years from Insurance and Financial systems to Manufacturing and Agriculture, I am a Full Stack Developer keen to strengthen my architectural knowledge, You can usually catch me out on a hockey field or hiking up the mountain when not striving to solve your application needs.



Kris Little

Software Developer

I have been working as a software developer for the last 4 years, mostly as a full stack developer. Although I started working on software as a kid when I started to make small games. I love working on front end systems, with languages such as React and ELM, and since joining Stratos, Angular. In my free time I like to go out exploring New Zealand with friends.



Maksym Stoliarov

Software Developer/Architect

I have enjoyed programming since my father built me my first computer in late 80-es - Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Then there was the long and exciting journey from writing basic tools in Assembly language to designing Enterprise solutions. Microsoft technologies were my best travel companions. Computers are a small part of my life, I also have a family, play sports, like the outdoors, books and a bunch of strange hobbies would complete the picture. Stand With Ukraine!


Marama Stratos-53

Marama Scott

Microsoft 365 Consultant

I have honed my skills developing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint solutions over the past 14 years working in public and private sectors, around New Zealand and overseas. I am passionate about delivering solutions that help organisations build their culture and adopt new ways of working, while supporting end users through the process with effective communications and change management. I am PL-900 Certified and NEMA ITF Foundation Certified (PIM trained). Most of my time outside of work is spent running around after my primary school-aged son but when we have a spare moment, we enjoy exploring the outdoors in the beautiful Nelson Tasman region where we live.


Mel Stratos-133

Mel Ross

Account Manager

Passionate about people, processes and improving experiences, I’ve worked in a variety of industries, from media to health, in customer centric roles. Joining a technology team is where I discovered my tribe – and it turns out I’m a natural at organising propel and projects. Outside of work you’ll probably find me in the sun, with a good book (and maybe a margarita), hanging out with my family and friends, or at the theatre supporting local and overseas performers.



Nicole Tulett

Service Delivery Specialist

Nicole has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years and is passionate about building long standing relationships with a focus on communication and trust. She likes to ensure that all client’s needs are met, understood in plain English and executed in a planned and efficient manner. In her spare time she likes to plan trips away and run around after her 2 children and the various pets she has.



Nik Binzenbach

SharePoint Specialist

I came to these shores for the great adventure of fatherhood. Thanks to Stratos I also got the chance to move from in-house SharePoint administration to creating solutions for many different clients and environments. In my free time I enjoy watching and reviewing Asian cinema, learning about world history by reading a good book and showing my son the world.


Oli Stratos-65

Oliver Winkler

Senior Software Developer

Over the past 18 years, my professional journey has evolved from constructing websites using PHP in my early days to tackling complex distributed systems within the finance and market research domains more recently. I enjoy designing, implementing and troubleshooting sophisticated solutions that empower our end users and clients to achieve their business objectives. I try to spend my spare time in the great outdoors of New Zealand and beyond. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to explore vast stretches of the stunning South Island: Soaring over the Southern Alps in sailplanes, tramping in hiking boots, or navigating the waters in a sea kayak.



Paula Hannon

Office Manager

After 16 years of independent travel and guiding tours around the world, I decided it was time to come home. I originally came to Christchurch to study Event Management and worked within the City Council Events Team for a number of years. The earthquakes meant I had to change paths and I eventually ended up at Stratos Technology. I have learnt a lot of new systems and skills whilst being with Stratos and my role is generally to keep them all on the straightened arrow.



Peter Cummins

Business Analyst

Peter has decades of experience in the IT industry. His broad background includes solutions architecture, ERP consulting, business intelligence and software development, supported by well-rounded technical project management skills. His experience covers a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to financial and public health. Peter manages the solution architecture for business intelligence and software integration.



Ray Singer

Software Developer

I'm a Full-Stack Software Developer and UX Designer at Stratos Technology Partners. My work involves collaborating directly with clients, designing both front-end and back-end systems, and using a range of technologies from Figma to Angular, C# to SQL Server. I'm passionate about creating great experiences for people in the digital world. I love employing a hypothesis-driven design methodology, relying on data to provide valuable product insights and ensure we're building the right solutions for our users. In my personal life, my family and I lead an active lifestyle. We spend a lot of time in the water, surfing, paddle boarding, and exploring the outdoors. More recently, I've ventured into hunting and conservation, finding that adventurous back-country missions put the stresses of everyday life into perspective. I'm dedicated to delivering excellent digital experiences and driven by my love for both design and development.



Ruben Scrivener

Software Developer

As a Software Developer with over 10 years’ experience, I have developed a wide range of different solutions using a variety of technologies such as .Net, Angular JS and Azure. Prior to Stratos I worked for BluJay Solutions Limited and Integen as well as spending some time overseas teaching English in Japan. I also have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Canterbury. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, working on improvements to the house and the occasional run.



Scott Forrester

Software Developer

With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, I have honed my skills to become a seasoned software developer. My passion lies in working with legacy systems, breathing new life into them and ensuring they continue to serve their purpose in the ever-evolving digital landscape. I believe that every line of code tells a story, and I take pride in uncovering and continuing that narrative. With a deep understanding of various programming languages and technologies, I am able to dive into any system, understand its intricacies, and improve its performance and stability. My approach is rooted in collaboration and communication. I work closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Whether it’s optimizing an existing system or developing a new one from scratch, my goal is to provide reliable, high-quality software that stands the test of time. I look forward to bringing my expertise to your project and helping your legacy systems thrive in the modern world.



Simon Langford

Operations Manager

Simon has been working in the IT industry for over 24 years, with a passion for delivery of technology-based outcomes. Simon brings a range of experience in the technology industry, ranging from Consulting, Architect to Operations. He has joined Stratos with a focus on delivering operational enhancements within the business. In his spare time Simon enjoys trying to convince his teenage son to go on day hikes with him, and occasionally actually going on day hikes with him.



Thomas Han

Software Developer

I’ve been involved in the web stack space for more than a decade now. Initially started working in the Java web stack but slowly moved to the .NET web stack. What I love about tech is that it is always changing and with everything available online you can always get into any specific area you want, ability to work from anywhere is an added bonus. Away from work you will be sure to find me playing touch rugby during the summer and Sunday soccer/football during winter. Love watching rugby especially sevens and cheering Fiji on where I am originally from.



Toni Gee

SharePoint Consultant

Toni is a senior consultant in our Microsoft 365 practice. She brings 20 plus years of international enterprise experience in technology implementations and business architecture, particuarliy in the process improvement and technology governance.

Toni is passionate about using the right approach (technology, people or process) to solve business problems or create new opportunities for improvement or innovation.



Tony Rogers

Product Engineer/Architect

After working with OneLaw as a software developer under Stratos Technology Partners, Tony was appointed CTO of OneLaw in 2024.  Tony spent 16 years leading product development for the Diligent Boards product, seeing it grow into a world-class offering. He is excited to join the OneLaw team, his extensive experience and attention to detail make him a valuable addition.

When Tony is not working, you can find him riding his bike on mountains or gravel, cooking up a tasty meal or enjoying a good book.



Tyler Price

Microsoft 365 Solutions Consultant

Tyler is a seasoned IT professional with over 7 years of experience in various roles within the industry. He has joined Stratos, bringing with him a passion for developing reliable, secure, and scalable solutions that can support businesses as they grow. 
Tyler is skilled in a range of tools and technologies, including Entra ID (Azure Active Directory), Intune Endpoint Management, Hyper-V and VMWare virtual computers, SharePoint, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams phone system calling and Wireless Networking.  
Tyler also has a talent for technical education across various formats and is passionate about aligning IT strategies with the long-term goals of his clients. 


Stratos-28 (2)

Vishwakranti Suryawanshi

Microsoft 365 Graduate

I'm a graduate software developer working as a Microsoft 365 Specialist. 


I've just begun my journey in the Office 365 and SharePoint space as a developer and I'm loving it!


I like the challenges of learning new tech skills and solving problems that make our clients day-to-day digital processes easier to interact with.


When I'm off work, I'm always keen to explore the fantastic landscapes and natural beauty that New Zealand offers.