About Stratos Technology Partners

It all started around a kitchen table...

The Stratos Story

Stratos Technology Partners launched in 2011 with a small team working around David’s kitchen table. Initially working with a small group of Christchurch based clients, Stratos has grown to provide a full range of Software Development and SharePoint technology services to clients across New Zealand and Australia.

Our team has a range of expertise and experience you would expect to find in larger service providers, however we still use a personal touch when partnering with clients. Taking the time to understand our clients business is at the centre point of everything we do.

In 2017 Stratos was accepted into the Christchurch NZ High Growth Launch Programme and followed this up with the Amplifer Programme in 2018. This has been instrumental in developing our long term growth strategy and increasing the capabilities of our team.

We are involved in many community IT groups including Canterbury Tech, Microsoft Communities and local user groups. Stratos are members of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Our Values

Our clients are a part of our team and are the driving force behind our values.

Providing trusted services

Developing solutions that meet exacting requirements

Being a valued extension to clients' in-house teams

Maintaining enduring client relationships

Ownership and Governance

Stratos Technology Partners is a privately held company owned by directors Steve Knutson, Peter Cummins and David Carter.

Our People

We are a like-minded group of people, inspired and driven to provide the best solutions for all of our clients

Steve Knutson, Director

Steve Knutson

Managing Director
Steve is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, encompassing SharePoint and Office 365. He brings more than 25 years of IT industry experience to clients' projects. Steve leads our SharePoint and Office 365 practice and has a keen interest in IT infrastructure, cloud and mobile technologies. He also has a Computer Science degree from Massey University and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for SQL Server. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

David Carter

Director & Software Development Manager

David has nearly 20 years of experience in the software development field working for a variety of companies locally and abroad. David and his team will help you to identify your business requirements and deliver a solution that will grow with your company. David's responsibilities include managing the software development process, liaising with clients and helping with the architecture of new products.

He is also particularly partial to a nice glass of Oyster Stout after a long bike ride and any excuse to talk about web development.



Peter Cummins

Business Analyst

Peter has decades of experience in the IT industry. His broad background includes solutions architecture, ERP consulting, business intelligence and software development, supported by well-rounded technical project management skills. His experience covers a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to financial and public health. Peter manages the solution architecture for business intelligence and software integration.



Greg Jackman

Senior Software Developer

I really enjoy incorporating new technologies and frameworks like angularjs and Azure, but my biggest work passion is definitely writing code... working on logic problems, refactoring and abstracting code to be reusable makes me smile!

Outside of work I love exploring New Zealand with my wife and three young boys. At weekends we're usually out and about in North Canterbury walking or hiking somewhere. We also love to travel. It took a back seat for a while as we grew our young family, but recent trips to Oman, Nicaragua and Costa Rica have given us a big wanderlust again. I'm not sure where is next, but half the fun is deciding!

I made it to 30 countries before I was 30, and have made it to 40 before 40 as well... 50 before 50 could start to get more challenging!


Matt Tester

Senior Software Developer

I live on lifestyle block in Cust, North Canterbury, with my wife Kate and son Ollie. We built the house a few years ago and are now turning our hand to landscaping what was once an empty field. This tends to keep us pretty busy, especially during the warmer months (so much grass to mow!), but with just few sheep, alpaca, chickens, etc. it’s not too much work really. I’ve recently taken up hill running again after a long break through seemingly regular football injuries. So, football has now been replaced with lifting heavy weights in the gym, which comes in handy when working on the block.


Gary Payne, Software Developer

Gary Payne

Senior SharePoint Consultant

Out of work, I love getting into the hills - on foot, skis, rock or bike (though am a very timid mountain biker!) and under canvas. I recently spent 3 weeks in Nepal which included a 7 day trek in the Annapurna area. It was great as we had a fun group and went amazing places - and was also really challenging to my unfit body! I am getting back into rock climbing lately, and am looking forward to getting out to a few local crags. Closer to home, I like to "play" with wood in the garage, building things for around the house. And I read quite a few 'behavioural science' books - the likes of "Nudge" and "Thinking Fast and Slow". Good stuff in that category of books to bring into better solutions for clients! Have just started brewing beer, too - early days yet though...



Aaron Langley

SharePoint Consultant

I am a SharePoint Consultant with Stratos Technology and have been with the company for nearly 2 years. I enjoy helping clients find and implement innovative cloud-based solutions to make processes more efficient. I am interested in future technologies, especially blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Most of my free time is spent reading, snowboarding and spending time with my family and friends.




SharePoint Specialist

I am interested in innovating and emerging technologies to increase usability and productivity. This resulted in a move from project / programme management to the SharePoint world. I enjoy identifying trouble areas and proactively implementing solutions, tools and processes to improve productivity and enjoyment in everyday work life for users. In my leisure time I enjoy travelling (from the wilderness at the weekends to around the world), watching sports, exercising and spending time with my partner and friends.


Blake Burgess

Software Developer
I am interested in how we get better at solving problems using technology.  I explore modern and future technology in my spare time.  When not developing or improving .NET applications, I can be found working with Python on A.I. systems, and investigating other esoteric languages. I studied at the University of Otago and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Computer Science. I grew up dairy farming and love to visit home and get stuck in with landscaping and raising animals. blake@stp.co.nz
Edwin Aangeenbrug, Software Developer

Edwin Aangeenbrug

Software Developer
To contrast Stratos with the other companies I have worked for, I think it provides a lot of flexibility and the opportunity for technical innovation at a per project level. I enjoy skiing in the winter months and as we roll into spring I put a lot of time on the mountain bike which is my passion in life. Other less active activities I enjoy are Netflix and watching the various sports that I follow.
Iain Prior, Software Developer

Iain Prior

Software Developer

I love solving problems, I believe computers and software development in particular have the most challenging problems of all. I love designing the solution, and then putting the pieces together within the constraints of the particular problem. I have quite a bit of random tech experience - everything from ancient FoxPro db's to the latest fancy Angular and IOS! My work at Stratos generally revolves around building solutions for clients in the medical and agricultural industries. Personally I have a wonderful family that moved with me halfway around the world - all the way from South Africa! My son is loving life here and got to throw a snowball for the first time in his life recently. My wife is really enjoying life here and drags me away from the computer and out into all the nature around us.



James Gardner

Software Developer

I have a BSc in Philosophy and a Grad Dip in Computer Science from the University of NSW.  I like the current Angular / Typescript combo on the front end using VSCode and .Net/WebAPI/EntityFramework/MSSQL to handle the backend. Javascript isn't my favourite language so anything the formalises it and improves type safety is a good thing in my eyes. That being said, I'm comfortable working with the many older technologies and frameworks that we support, WebForms and AngularJS for example.

I like mountain biking and road cycling, and I commute to work by bike. Since moving to Christchurch from Sydney, surfing has become more of a holiday hobby. Mountain biking dominates in summer and in the winter skiing and snowboarding become the focus.



Jeremy Lawson

Software Developer

Jignesh Patel

Software Developer

I was employed in the Hospitality Sector and retrained myself by completing a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology. I have experience in developing wide range solutions using a variety of technologies such as .Net, Xamarin and Azure. Outside of work, I spend time exploring New Zealand, and enjoys various adventure activities like hiking and kayaking. With the passion for emerging technologies, I am the newest member of the Software Development team at Stratos.


Kirill Sherikhov

Software Developer

Hi, my name is Kirill, I am originally from Russia and came to New Zealand to study. I have two ISTQB certificates (Foundation Level and Agile Tester). I started my career path in eBay customer support/software tester and then moved to Adidas as a CBM Manager. My first job as a software tester was at a company based in my home town. Outside of work I like to play guitar and bass, listen to a large range of music and spend time hiking. I’m also fond of vinyl and CD’s which I collect

Kitty Moran, SharePoint Specialist

Kitty Moran

SharePoint Specialist

I like anything I can play around with to improve usability and aesthetics; I'm all about the user experience! In my spare time I love writing or drawing in the sun with my cat Shade nearby, adding to my curio collection (birds eggs, feather, insects and more!), and going on adventures to the mountains with my husband, son and dog Arthur. I have also planned tattoos for almost my entire body (from neck to ankles), am busy writing a fantasy novel series that I would like to have published some day if I can just get past this writers block, and planning my dream eco-friendly home.



Nik Binzenbach

SharePoint Specialist


Paula Hannon

Office Administrator

One of the more recent additions to Stratos. After 16 years of independent travel and guiding tours throughout Africa and South America, I decided it was time to come home. Originally from the North Island, but now consider myself officially immigrated to the South. I originally came to Christchurch to study Event Management and worked within the City Council Events Team. The earthquakes meant I had to change paths so I went back to tourism for a time and then moved around a variety of admin roles before ending up at Stratos. I enjoy the outdoors and have just signed up for my first Marathon in Queenstown come November, more than a little nervous about that. My parents are from Ireland and I do try to get to that part of the world every few years.



Pavel Smid

SharePoint Consultant

I came to New Zealand from the Czech republic, the journey to NZ was my childhood dream. After exploring big part of the country I decided to try living in here and I settled in Christchurch. I have spent the last two decades working with Microsoft products, most notably with SharePoint. With Stratos, I have an opportunity to build on that and to get to know new types of industries. My specialization are business applications based on Nintex Workflow, SharePoint and Office 365 applications. After work, I like activities that keep me fit, like playing squash or boxing. My ideal winter holiday is snowboarding in the mountains and in summer, scuba diving in the tropical seas.

Ray Singer, Software Developer

Ray Singer

Software Developer

Having come originally from a design background, I retrained in software development. I, therefore, love to work in all areas of the technology stack. For me, it's not so much about the technology, as enabling users of our systems to work smarter with more efficiency and less resistance. In my spare time I love to hang out with my family, while kitesurfing at tropical beaches! By the light of the moon, I create weird electronic dance music under the name 'Spoonhead'. On occassion I get flown overseas to play live at festivals!



Rosy Wan

Software Developer

Being a software developer at Stratos is full of fun and solving problems just makes my day. I enjoy how we utilize different technologies in an innovative form to help people simplify their business processes. My most used framework includes Angular, .Net and TSQL for developing web applications. I came to Christchurch in 2014 and since then I have started hiking and camping, I enjoy short camping trips by the waterside, especially on nice sunny days. During my spare time, I like playing badminton and Gundam making.


Ruben Scrivener

Software Developer

As a Software Developer with over 10 years’ experience, I have developed a wide range of different solutions using a variety of technologies such as .Net, Angular JS and Azure. Prior to Stratos I worked for BluJay Solutions Limited and Integen as well as spending some time overseas teaching English in Japan. I also have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Canterbury. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, working on improvements to the house and the occasional run.