Five Years in Business

Posted on 31 March 2016

Stratos Technology Partners is celebrating five years in business on the 1st of April 2016. We have grown from a small team working around a kitchen table in Cashmere to a full service Software Development and SharePoint consulting business based in the heart of Christchurch with clients across New Zealand and Australia.


We’ve had many milestones and memorable moments on our journey so far, from trying to open a company bank account on day one, recruiting our first salaried employee way back in 2013 and undertaking a large offshore software project using the Azure and Office 365 more recently. Looking back at the solutions we were building five years ago reminds us of just how far technology as come in this time. The rise of the cloud, mobile and big data have helped drive enormous change.

At the start we already had strong technical skills, but learning to run a business has meant learning many new things and making all kinds of decisions. We have acquired a business, developed policies, processes and procedures, recruited a team, developed our strategy and marketing plans, setup a health and safety committee, relocated offices and rebranded the company and much more. The learning never stops!

Leaping forward five years to our tenth birthday in 2021, we would like to think our business is similar to how it is today (but with a bigger team!). The technology will be new but our philosophy will remain much as it is today. Stratos’s DNA is about helping our clients do great things with technology. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and makes the whole journey worthwhile.

We would like to thank our clients, business partners and fabulous team for supporting us over the past five years.

Steve Knutson,
Managing Director.

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