Press Release: Canterbury Business Solutions Becomes Stratos Technology Partners

Posted on 23 March 2015

Today fast growing IT firm Canterbury Business Solutions (CBS), specialists in custom software development, SharePoint technology, business intelligence and IT consulting, becomes Stratos Technology Partners.

After emerging from the ashes of Datasouth in March 2011, it has been a whirlwind ride for Christchurch-based IT firm Canterbury Business Solutions. When the surprising news about Datasouth’s fall came through, customers found themselves unexpectedly left high and dry.

“There was no time to think as we put together a company almost overnight to help them out,” said Steve Knutson, managing director.

Since then the firm has seen steady growth. That growth has meant new staff members, which in turn gave rise to an opportunity to take stock of what they had achieved.

“After 4 years we’ve been able to build a track record of responsiveness and professionalism that has resulted in a lot of loyal clients who have grown to rely on our ability to make their businesses soar with information technology.”

“The new name reflects both the enduring relationships we’ve built with our clients and the increasing reach of our business. Repeat business and word of mouth referrals have been key drivers of growth,” Knutson said.

“Stratos” means highest level, it is also associated with strategy. has been a client for several years. provides independent election services for local government bodies, companies and community organisations. has been leading the introduction of electronic voting in public elections. Stratus has had a central role in developing the necessary software.’s systems are independently scrutinised to ensure accurate results.

“We gave Stratos our trust and they haven’t let us down”, said Steve Kilpatrick, managing director. “The relationship we have with them is the kind we strive for with our own customers.”

Pegasus Heath needed a SharePoint consultant that could adapt their role according to its changing needs said Gary Allen, Pegasus's knowledge manager.

“Sometimes we wanted them to be in the front seat driving and then other times we wanted them to swap over.” The project succeeded and Stratos has been called back whenever Pegasus has needed assistance.

“When I look back, our relationship with Stratos has exceeded our expectations. Their on-hand, timely response has been appreciated.”

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