Single Page Applications Make Web Apps Quick

Posted on 10 September 2015

At Stratos we have increasingly been producing web applications where in the past we might have developed traditional desktop applications.  Sometimes business owners and managers have voiced concerns that because of the Internet, web applications can be slow and unreliable.  The arrival of Single Page Applications (SPAs) have significantly alleviated these concerns.

Traditional Desktop Applications Give Way to Hosted Applications

Users have traditionally favoured desktop applications because of their rich functionality and responsiveness. IT departments and vendors, however, have preferred web applications because of their ease of support and maintenance. By centrally hosting your application and making it accessible through web browsers you can update and maintain the application without distributing and installing software on each user computer.

Network Delays and Outages

The traditional web browser worked by refreshing whole web pages whenever a program wanted to move to a new screen.

This meant repeatedly downloading a lot of the same information whenever a new page was visited.

The more information that is being downloaded, the higher the likelihood of lengthy delays.

Single Page Applications Save the Day

Single Page Applications allow Stratos to largely overcome these problems.

A Single Page Application is a computer program that works within your web browser and fits on a single web page.  It is designed to provide an experience as rich and snappy as a traditional desktop program.

Unlike a traditional web application, nearly all the logical code is downloaded only once at the beginning, and any subsequent interactions with the host is limited to a comparatively small set of resources.

By significantly reducing the amount of cross network communications, a SPA can be much faster than a conventional web application.

The latest SPA development tools such as ASP.NET Web API and AngularJS allow us to provide a rich experience that allows users to think they are working with and navigating between multiple pages as if they were on a traditional desktop program.

You may not know it but many commonly used web applications are in fact Single Page Applications.  Some notable examples include Gmail, Twitter and Spotify.

If you have any questions about Single Page Applications or if you have a software project in mind that can improve the efficiency of your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us:




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