Stratos Technology Partners Sponsors Code Camp 2015

Posted on 1 May 2015

Stratos is proud to be a major sponsor of Code Camp 2015.

Code Camp is the South Island’s largest free IT event with 15 sessions covering Software Development, Business Intelligence, SharePoint and Microsoft Cloud related topics.

There are topics for:

  • Software Developers,
  • IT Professionals, and
  • Business owners and managers looking for ideas to innovate their organisations.

This year the speakers include:

  • John Ascroft:  John oversees Jade’s Innovation and Collaboration programs.  He’s at the sharp end of product development, is a futurist and has held a variety of technical and management roles. John will be speaking at the Code Camp Keynote around creativity in the IT world an interesting topic for those of us who are looking for the next big thing.
  • Ivan Townlson:  What Is Functional Programming And Why Should I Care?
  • Bevan Arps:  How To Be A Better Developer
  • Mark Clearwater:  GIT 101 - introducing GIT for Software Developers
  • Peter Jones:  Dapper For Fast Data Access (And One Pattern For Its Use)
  • Ben Amor:  The Testing Pyramid:  UI Tests, API tests, integration tests, unit tests:  The differences between them, who writes what, how much coverage should you expect from each layer, things to watch out for, what makes your suite brittle, what makes your suite effective.
  • Dorje McKinnon:  Strategies for building a great digital workplace
  • Steve Knutson:  SharePoint On-Premises – Servers, Storage, Services, Applications and SQL
  • Hendrik Venter:  Office 365, Forms and Workflow
  • Lee Stevens:  Microsoft Ignite – SharePoint 2016 and more.
  • Warwick Rudd (MVP, MCM):  Don’t call me crazy, BIML is not just for Business Intelligence
  • Martin Catherall (MVP):  Ten SQL Tips For Developers
  • Simon Peck:  The Power of Power BI
  • Rob Douglas:  Building SQL Server Applications to scale – and what to do when they don’

Stratos contributes to the organisation of Code Camp as well as providing financial support to help keep this event free for all.

We would like to acknowledge our fellow sponsors Jade Software Corporation, Xero, Microsoft, CPIT and Candle.

Code Camp will be held at CPIT on Saturday the 16th of May starting with the Keynote at 9:30am finishing with a fantastic prize draw at 4:30pm.

Visit to register for Code Camp.

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