Whitepaper: Contract Management

Posted on 14 June 2021

Contracts are amongst the most valuable documents most businesses hold. Each contract may also have related documents including signed copies, variations, correspondence and supporting material such as NDA’s, pricing schedules, specifications etc. Having the confidence that you have the correct version of a contract when you need it can save a lot of time and agony. We have written a whitepaper to explorer the common issues and discuss how to address the issue with tools you already have.


Microsoft 365 provides a suite of applications and services that enable collaboration, content management, and process automation. These tools can solve many of the common document management challenges. In our Contract Management whitepaper, we cover these topics:

  • Developing a plan for people and process
  • SharePoint document management capabilities
  • SharePoint and Microsoft 365 collaboration features
  • Document collections and metadata
  • Approval workflows and reminders

How can we help?

Our team builds solutions with SharePoint, Power Automate and PowerApps for managing many common business process and document management scenarios.

Please download a copy to learn more about managing contract documents with SharePoint. If you have future questions please get in touch with our team.

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